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Industrial Style Apartment


At times your needs added attention and added elbow grease. Perhaps you have a special occasion where you’ll be hosting guests. Perhaps it’s been some time since you’ve hired a cleaning service or put strong effort into cleaning the place yourself. Whatever the reason, if your home needs some extra loving to get rid of the grease, grime and soap scum that’s accumulated, Shake The House Cleaning Service’s DEEP CLEANING will get your home sparkly clean!

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Shake The House is a professional house cleaning service in Tulsa that delivers a clean unlike any other. Visit our website to learn about our services ...

Our Deep Home Cleaning Services Include:

 Whole Home 

  • Dusting - Including ceiling fans, lamps, shelves, woodwork and baseboards

  • Switch plates and Outlets -Cleaning

  • Mini Blinds ,and shutters- Dust and wiped own

  • clean window seals

  • trash cans emptied & disinfect, and wiped down

  • wet wipe clean doors & frames

  • clean all mirrors, and furniture glass

  • Floors - Dusting, mopping and drying tile floors, Vacuuming carpets and rugs, Sweeping and wiping with damp cloth or use manufacturer's recommended products for wood and laminate floors 


  • Showers and Bathtubs - Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing  

  • Sinks, Vanities and Back splashes - Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing 

  • Toilets - Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing inside and surrounding areas.

  • Towels and paper racks cleaning

  • Mirrors - Cleaning  

  • Chrome - Cleaning

  • Cabinets -Outside wipe down, and disinfect Cleaning


  • Sinks - Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing 

  • Counter-tops and Back splashes - Cleaning and sanitizing  

  • Cabinets -wipe down, and polish Outside Cleaning 

  • Tables and Chairs - Cleaning 

  • Oven -Outside Cleaning

  • Microwave - Cleaning Inside and Out

  • Range Top/Stove - Outside Cleaning 

  • Refrigerator and Freezer - If empty

  • Other Appliances - Outside Cleaning

  • Chrome - Cleaning


  • Headboard - Cleaning and sanitizing 

  • Furniture - Dusting, Polishing and Cleaning 

  • Closet cleaning and wipe doors

  • Dusting Baseboards

Family and Dining Rooms

  • Table and Chairs - Cleaning 

  • Wood Furniture - Dusting, Polishing and Cleaning 

  • Fireplace mantle cleaning

  • vacuum all carpets

  • Windowsills 

  • Dusting Baseboards

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